Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist – Family (CCTSF)

The Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist – Family (CCTSF) course is designed using evidenced-based leading edge interventions and protocols that clinicians can immediately implement to augment their work treating survivors of trauma within a family context. This course is taught using demonstrations, role play, simulations, and the utilization of a clinician intervention implementation format.

Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist – Individual (CCTSI)

Acquiring this certification means that you have learned the essential components for safely and effectively treating traumatic stress with individual adults. While the certification focuses upon acquiring the knowledge and skills for treating PTSD, those becoming certified with the CCTS-I designation will be able to utilize the information and skills to effectively treat all anxiety disorders.

This certification is the first of its kind! While other certifications are focused upon the learning and implementation of a particular method or model of treatment, the CCTS-I designation is an attestation that you have learned how to address posttraumatic stress through the “active ingredients” approach using the Empowerment & Resilience Treatment Structure. The educational components of this certification are focused upon the student gaining competency in treating traumatic stress without needing to choose and utilize any particular model of treatment. Instead, the practitioner who becomes certified has demonstrated that they have acquired the knowledge to treat trauma implementing the common factors, or ‘active ingredients” that are indigenous to all effective treatments. This approach is an accelerated approach to developing competency in treating the many different presentations of traumatic stress.

Successfully completing this certification will allow the practitioner to display the credential of a Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist – Individual to inform potential clients and professional peers that you are a clinician who is able to assist survivors in their healing process. It is a mark of distinction in a field that is quickly growing and developing.

Certified Trauma Support Specialist

Certified Trauma Support Specialist is a certification that attests that the bearer has completed the educational requirements necessary to help non-clinical care professionals learn the essential information and skills to help trauma survivors recover fully. This certification is valuable for non-clinical trauma professionals, mental health staff, nurses, emergency first responders, emergency medical responders, leaders, teachers, and other professionals that have regular interaction with traumatized individuals. It establishes that the certified person understands the principles of trauma-informed care and trauma recovery adequate to assist the survivor in their process of recovery.

Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist-S (CCTSS) Sex-trafficking and exploitation

Human sex trafficking is a global crisis that is growing in number and touching every one of our communities. The connections with the Internet, social media, pornography, sex, drugs, crime, and terrorism make sex trafficking a very real domestic and international issue. Trafficking is a complex epidemic and is misunderstood in our culture. As professionals in the mental healthcare system, we will undoubtedly encounter the effects of such traumas in our practices in addition to people we love in our personal lives. Understanding the elements of sex trafficking will provide the framework that professionals need to assist the damage caused to our clients.

Why should a professional become certified?

The benefits include providing professionals with the education, treatment framework, and expertise to assist sexually traumatized victims more effectively. Certification will allow a professional to become an informed in the area where many colleagues have little training, understanding, increasing your value as a professional. In addition to setting you apart from other practitioners, you will have a more powerful and influential voice necessary to join the fight in eradicating sex trafficking in your community.

Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist-A (CCTSA) Trauma and Addiction

Those that obtain the Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist-Addiction (CCTS-A) Certification possess the educational information to understand how trauma can affect treatment presentation, engagement, and the outcome of behavioral health services. Additionally, understanding trauma’s relationship to and with addiction is crucial to overcoming the mental, behavioral, physical, and social effects of addiction. Possessing this certification proclaims that the individual who has put effort into obtaining this certification is dedicated to creating healing and recovery. Moreover, those that obtain the (CCTS-A) certification have passed a rigorous test to prove that they possess knowledge that can be implemented to improve the quality of care for those who seek treatment, support, and recovery from addictive behaviors.