Trauma Institute International

The Trauma Institute International (TII) firmly and actively believes professionals who seek to help people address, come to terms with, and recover from a history of adversity can achieve excellence while exemplifying the highest ethical standards. Our profound desire is to support care providers on their path to excellence by providing rigorous high quality certifications that meet and exceed standards of professionalism. We welcome those professionals who demand evidence of educational and clinical proficiency while we offer them an opportunity to become connected to a like-minded international community of other mission-focused professionals. The Trauma Institute International provides a wide array of certifications. Those professionals who successfully complete any of our certifications can be assured they have acquired state-of-the-art knowledge and skills necessary to increase effective and ethical trauma treatment with their clients.

The certifications offered through the Trauma Institute International are built upon the American Psychological Association (APA) professional guidelines for trauma treatment that was published in February of 2017. Each certification available through the Trauma Institute International is designed to augment the professional’s knowledge base as well as meet the APA guidelines so that they may offer safe and effective treatment to their diverse array of clients.

The Trauma Institute International declares that professional and community accountability is essential to supporting professionals while developing new skills and expertise based on an ever-increasing knowledge base in the specialized area of trauma treatment. The Trauma Institute International sustains professional profiles; promotes increasing professional acumen; provides skills and knowledge for effective practice; and supports these professional as they advance their careers.

We would like to welcome you to our guild of trauma care professionals.

Certified Trauma Directory

Trauma Institute International and the Arizona Trauma Institute invite you to partake in a registry or directory that is search-able. We invite the professional to engage with others that have had the same training and as both a resource and a support to one another as you become master healers. This directory will be search-able by the public and allow people looking for specialized providers to find those individuals with adequate skill to create change in the lives of clients. One our primary goal is to create a master healing community that spans the globe. Additionally, we are looking for those that practice from the prospective we train, as multiple calls are received weekly from people looking for a reliable referral.