Trauma Institute International

Online Trauma Certification Program

At Trauma Institute International (TII) we believe that in order to help people face and recover from a history of adversity, a professional needs to be equipped with the best training in the industry and have the highest ethical standards. We achieve this by supporting care providers on their path to excellence through rigorous, comprehensive certification programs.

We provide a wide array of certifications and upon completion of our certification programs, you will have acquired state-of-the-art knowledge and skills you need for effective and ethical trauma treatment. Our certification programs are regularly updated as the knowledge base in the specialized area of trauma treatment continues to expand.

We believe that professional and community accountability is essential as professionals develop new skills and expertise and as the knowledge base expands. TII helps increase technical skills of care providers, maintains your training through continuous education, and provides ongoing support as you advance your career. Our training also offers you an opportunity to become connected to a like-minded international community of other mission-focused professionals.

We would like to welcome you to our guild of trauma care professionals.