Welcome to your Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist-A (CCTSA) Trauma and Addiction (2020)

There are considerations to think about when working with people who are not only experiencing trauma but helping them ____________________.

Which of the following is a therapist risk of Vicarious Trauma?

When we regulate our body as the first step, what are we doing?

What do you typically see when talking about irritable behavior or angry outbursts?

Where is Moral awareness located?

The purpose of the ____________________ is to maintain homeostasis and balance in the body.

Which of the following best describes what Mitigating creates?

When people are sympathetically charged, everything from the diaphragm up is ________________ and everything from the diaphragm below is ______________.

The last Antibody is _________.

Which of the following behaviors is not a biological behavior in the sympathetic system?

The ____________________ is the most primitive portion of the brain, focusing on survival.

When can we think outside the box?

According to SAMHSA, one of the Four R’s of an agency practicing trauma-informed care is that a program organization, or system ______________ the widespread impact of trauma and understand potential paths for recovery.

Which of the following best describes precontemplation?

When a person has little self evaluation or insight, it should tell us that the _______________.

We want to find ways that when we work with individuals, were not _______________ but we are lifting them up and encouraging them.

What can Vicarious Trauma also result in?

Which of the following is NOT an example of Trauma Informed Care?

Practicing Trauma-Informed Care validates the humanity of the individual and recognizes behaviors as symptoms of ______________________.

All those 3 therapist factors are important in terms of ____________.

How the ASAM works is, one dimension indicates whether a person needs residential treatment, which dimensions are these?

Behavioral symptoms result from the over-use of the ________________ response system coupled with the body’s effort to heal.

What creates Stability?

Which of the following best describes why it is important to develop a tolerance for pain?

What happens when our Anterior Cingulate of the Cortex becomes activated?

Which of the following is a sure way to create distrust with a client?

What is someone in the sympathetic system, not be able to see?

____________________ is the body’s reaction to Sympathetic System dominance that has occurred continuously or repeatedly creating change in the Central Nervous System.

What happens as we become increasingly dysregulated?

How many more times are you likely to be an alcoholic with 3 ACEs, opposed to having no ACEs.

When we calm our environments, we have greater success at __________________.

The Anterior Cingulate of the Cortex is really the body’s _________________ .

Which of the following can be altered by toxic stress caused by the ACE’s?

It is estimated that nearly ____________ Arizona children have more than five ACEs.

Those who are caught in contemplation, ask themselves which question?

What does OAR stand for?

From the 1990s to 2013, there has been almost _______ people who have died from overdoses nationally.

It is important that we continue to build ________________ in terms of learning.

How would you see a person as precontemplative?

Which of the following does clinically managed not mean?

A relaxed body cannot be ______________.

What are the three R’s?

From what perspective do you talk about dealing with addiction?

Which of the following are you only able to do if you are relaxed?

What two things do we look at, when talking about ACEs?

When is it important to use the Subjective Units of Distress Scale (SUDS)?

Since addiction short circuits part of the brain, what does your memory look at?

What is someone who is in determination or preparation doing/saying?

When someone has an active addiction it is neither ___________ or ______________ .

When you make comments like, “I really want to hear what you have to say to me”, it lets that person know _______________.

Which of the following is NOT one of SAMHSA’s Four R’s of Trauma-Informed Care?

Out of the following, what best encourages the healing process from pain, stress, and fear?

When someone is in fight or flight mode, what might you see?

Which of the following would you not see if someone has spent their life primarily in their sympathetic nervous system?

Which of the following would be an intrusion symptom?

When we talk about perceptual maturation, what does it require?

Why is the ACEs study so important?

Out of the following, what can addiction eventually lead to?

Which of the following best defines Duality of Awareness?

As a trauma sensitive and informed organization, staff, and the people they serve must feel physically, emotionally, and psychologically __________________.

Out of the Four Essential Interventions, which one is the most important?

Which of the following best describes the ACC?

When the hot system is activated, __________________.

Which of the following is not a therapist factor?

Why is it still important for those who are independently certified, to consult with people and to have a system of friends or professionals?

Which of the following is essential for understanding trauma?

Which of the following best describes OAR?

What opportunity happens when someone lapses?

People with ____ ACEs, 1 in 16 smokes.

What kind of thinking, from a scientific purpose, has the potential to help a person regulate their body?

What happens when people are stuck in disregulation or the sympathetic system?

Which of the following best describes what happens when you try to put additional demands on someone?

Instead of validating clients, ______________________.

Which of the following best describes when Vicarious Trauma happens?

ACE’s sometimes referred to as toxic stress or ________________.

The ability to develop and maintain relationships, is talked about in which system?

Which of the following illnesses do people with 4 ACEs not have an increased risk for?

Which of the following best describes what happens when people have experienced the input of cortisol and adrenaline?

It is okay for people to have cravings, what is even more important is __________________.

Your Relevancy System only pays attention to _________________ .

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