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Certified Trauma Support Specialist

About this course

Certified Trauma Support Specialist is a certification that attests that the bearer has completed the educational requirements necessary to help non-clinical care professionals learn the essential information and skills to help trauma survivors recover fully. This certification is valuable for non-clinical trauma professionals, mental health staff, nurses, emergency first responders, emergency medical responders, leaders, teachers, and other professionals that have regular interaction with traumatized individuals.  It establishes that the certified person understands the principles of trauma-informed care and trauma recovery adequate to assist the survivor in their process of recovery.

Course Structure

  • Personal Information
  • Section I: Introduction to the Trauma Informed Caregiver
  • Section II: Professional Resilience & Compassion Fatigue Prevention
  • Section III: Foundations of Trauma-Informed Care
  • Section IV: Trauma & Traumagenesis
  • Section V: The History of Traumatic Care and Current Trends.
  • Section VI: Working with Trauma Survivors
  • Section VII: Empowerment and Resiliency Structure
  • Section VIII: Safety & Stabilization in Crisis Work
  • Section lX: Ethical Considerations